Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Don Imbroglio is a mafia don with problems. The FBI and IRS have cracked down on his front organization, the non-existent Staten Island Grand Opera, and if he doesn’t produce an opera quickly, the entire family will go to jail. Meanwhile, his daughter Angelica, herself a collegiate operatic soprano, has brought her boyfriend Cesar home to meet the family for the first time to attend the wedding of her hot-headed brother Dante. Cesar, unaware of the “family” secret, stumbles upon Chastity, the heart-broken mistress of Dante. Soon he is being violently pursued by Dante, who is, in turn, pursued by his angry new bride, Donna.

The Don’s lecherous consigliere, Lascivo, has his eyes on Angelica, and schemes to make sure the Don does go to jail, so Lascivo can take over the business and make his moves on Angelica. Soon, the entire cast is out for one another’s blood, but succeed only in “whacking” the Don’s beloved cat, Figaro.

After a brief but tearful funeral for his cat, the Don moves on to business matters… the opera must go on, and with the help of Angelica and the hapless Cesar. They decide to produce a buffa, Pietro Fiasco’s “La Cosa Nostra”, performed in Italian with sur-titles written on the fly by their Mafioso cousin Rocco from Cicero, Illinois. Despite Lascivo’s efforts to undermine it, and everyone’s continued bloodlust, the show is a “hit”, and love, family, and opera, rule the day.


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